9 Places to Cool off in Billings

Beat the Heat with These 9 Water Spots

Summer is here, and that means our little ones are anxious to get out there and do something! While a trip to explore the mountains every day would be fun, it's not exactly feasible. Instead, let's stick around Billings and enjoy the plethora of water parks, ponds, and pools the area has to offer.

Every moment can be a teaching moment, so keep reading as your preschool in Billings fills you in on where you can go to have some fun, and then sneak in a few educational bits while they're eating lunch or driving home from having fun in the sun.

The Oasis - One of the most popular destinations with kids, it's hard to beat pools with water slides. The kids will wear themselves out, have a great time zipping down the slides, standing under the spray, and paddling through the pool. It's never too early to start teaching them about gravity and physics, they can see it in action when they go faster on the steeper slides.

Rose Park Pool - Rose park pool has been around for decades. For good reason: it has a great location on the West End, and it has wonderful facilities. The focus is the pool, but there are some slides for the kids to enjoy as well. This pool is heated, so if the air temperature doesn't get up there, it's still enjoyable.

South Park Pool - Rose Park is a popular pool, so if you don't want the crowds, head across town to South Park. The great thing about Billings is you're never more than about 15 minutes away from anything else, so it's a quick drive to find a less crowded locale. This pool is heated as well, so don't worry about the weather being too cool.

Lake Elmo - For those that would rather have a natural "pool", Lake Elmo is the place to go. For the kids that aren't as into swimming as they are exploring, there are trails that wrap around the lake, bullfrogs that come out in the evening, and a playground to while away the hours while still getting exercise. It's a wonderful place to teach about basic biology; see if the kids can dive for a clam or two.

Terry Park Splash Pad - When you want water to cool you down, but you don't want a pool, the splash pads are perfect! Terry Park Splash Pad is located near downtown surrounded by neighborhoods with lots of kids. And it shows, this one can get pretty busy on the hot days.

Highland Park Splash Pad - If Terry Park is too crowded, head to the South Side and visit Highland Park Splash Pad. It's just as nice as Terry Park, and relatively deserted. Of course if everyone starts skipping Terry Park for Highland Park, that will no longer be the case.

North Park Splash Pad - Fortunately when things get hot, there are plenty of areas where you can visit. The North Park Splash Pad needs a little maintenance (some of the water devices don't work quite like they should; at least that was the case last summer), but it's still a lot of fun for kids that just need to cool down. North Park is an often overlooked area of town, explore it a little!

Castlerock Park Splash Pad - For those that live in the Heights and need something a little closer to home, Castlerock Park has a splash pad too. It's the newest one in Billings, so the equipment works quite well. Watch how the water flows from the different devices and encourage your kids to speculate on why different features create different water flows.

Pioneer Park Wading Pool - Pioneer Park has one of the best play structures at any of the Billings Parks. But in the summer kids can get overheated when playing hard all day long. Fortunately a couple hundred yards from the playground is a wading pool. Not more than a couple feet deep the kids get a chance to play in a pool of water, but not have to worry about sinking.

Kids never stop learning. So when they're done with daycare or preschool for the year, they need to keep being stimulated! Formal education is great, but often children will learn even better when they're simply playing and exploring. Throw in some nuggets of truth, and then let kids be kids in a cool and safe environment. To learn more about the splash pads and pools around town, visit the Billings Parks and Rec site.

Call us if you're looking to enroll your child at the best preschool in Billings!

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