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Billings is a great place to raise a family.  But to raise the most well-rounded kids, they need more than just a daycare.  They need childcare that is focused on early learning, run by those with college degrees on how to teach children, and they need a safe and fun place for kids as they develop through their preschool years.

  • Are you looking for more than a daycare?

  • Do you want your child’s day to be filled with fun educational opportunities?

  • When you think of childcare do you envision a hands on learning center?

Whether you need childcare for an infant or toddler, or you need preschool for those a little older, then Shirley’s Place and Priscilla’s Place are here to serve you!

The infants and toddlers will develop a strong foundation in one of our 4 classrooms at Shirley’s Place.  As they grow and are able to tackle bigger and more complex subjects, they will move into the preschool program at Priscilla’s Place.  Take a look at our classrooms page for more details.

As a busy parent, you want the best childcare and preschool in Billings for your kids.  We provide exactly what you need.

Daycare in Billings, MT

When you’re searching for a daycare, do you know what to look for?  What takes a daycare from somewhere to drop your kids off during the day, to somewhere that your kids will look forward to and have fun while learning?

The answer to those questions isn’t a simple answer.  There are a host of aspects to pay attention to.  What it boils down to is the goal of the facility.

If you want the best daycare in Billings, MT for your kids, then we have you covered.  At Shirley’s Place, your child will have the benefits of:

Constant Supervision – We aren’t cutting corners and letting kids get out of sight.  We aren’t scraping by understaffed.  We make sure that your child has constant supervision so that you aren’t wondering if they’re safe.  They will be safe at all times in our daycare facility.

Educational Curriculum – It’s never too early to start learning.  But that learning has to be tailored to the child.  Between times when your child will be having fun and playing, they will be learning age appropriate topics and concepts.

A Safe Environment – When you’re at home, you have taken the time to “baby proof” everything.  You can have the peace of mind that comes with knowing that our facility is completely “baby proof” and your little one will be safer here than anywhere else.

Healthy Food – We don’t take the time to provide a safe and secure Daycare in Billings, but then let your children eat junk food!  Part of caring for your child is to make sure they are growing healthy bodies and minds.  That starts with eating healthy snacks and meals.

If you’re looking for the best daycare in Billings, MT, give us a call today to get your child enrolled!

Telephone: 1-406-969-4211

Preschool in Billings, MT

The first years of your child’s life are formative.  They’re learning to walk, talk, interact, play, and more.  But after a few years, they need educational stimulation.  They need to start learning deeper concepts that will give them a leg up when they are enrolled in school full time.

Here at Priscilla’s Place we offer 3 levels of instruction.  For those just getting started, our Pre 3 program will introduce them to school.  Pre 4 will build on those concepts.  And Pre K will get them prepared to go into Kindergarten the next year.

Age Appropriate Education – If you tried to sit a 3, 4, or 5 year old down and teach them all day long, they would last half a day at most.  At this age one of the best ways to stimulate and grow their mind is to keep them active!  Our education contains a healthy mix of play and physical activity.

Fully Licensed – We have all heard the horror stories of preschools and childcare facilities that end up being unlicensed and therefore improperly maintained.  That is not a worry here.  As we strive to be the best preschool in Billings, MT, we make sure to be built on a firm foundation of being properly licensed.

Ground Rules – One of the most important aspects of education is knowing how to act and interact.  That means having ground rules that are firmly established.  The first few days that your child attends our preschool, they will learn the rules and they will have to follow them.  Don’t worry; it’s not as strict as it sounds!  Most children thrive in a well structured environment, and the lines are rarely pushed.

If you want the best early education for your kids, then it’s time to give the best preschool in Billings a call!  Schedule a time to come check out our facilities and see for yourself how your child will benefit.

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